I'm going to tell you right up front to take the following information as NOTHING more than crazy Internet rumor for now because the only source we've got is the dubious IMDB. IMDB is a fantastic site for what it is, but it certainly isn't a dependable source for movie information pre-launch. Typically we don't even publish IMDB rumor until we've got something else to substantiate it, but this one is just too wacky to let slip under our radar. If nothing else, it's worth sharing just to get your reactions to it. Ready for this? If you check the Spider-Man 3 page, you'll note that actress Rosemary Harris, who has given life to the much beloved Aunt May, is listed for a second role in the web-shooting sequel. Care to guess who the second character is?

You're probably wrong. But if you guessed Spider-Man arch villain Carnage you are absolutely right. Weird? Yes. Inaccurate? Almost certainly. But it is certainly one of the craziest rumors that has passed my virtual desk in several months now, and thus I share it with you. Let's pretend to make this a legitimate post by offering up actors we'd like to see actually portray Cletus Kasady/Carnage in the future. Ideas?