It's hard to believe, I know, but it's been a whole year since Cinematical was officially born. Actually, our birthday was last Saturday, March 10, but we were so busy with our heads buried in movies we let it slip right by. A lot has changed around here in the past year - we've gone from being a little film blog with former editor Karina Longworth blogging all by her lonesome, to a site with a full-fledged staff, covering festivals, reviewing lots of movies, and bringing you up-to-the-minute movie news. Now Karina has moved on to another project (although we're very glad she's still around writing her excellent new column, Laws and Sausages, and doing some other cool stuff for us), and spandy-new Editor-in-Chief James Rocchi is at the helm, with Martha Fischer and me rounding out the editorial team, working hard to continue to bring you what you've been coming here for, while adding a few refinements here and there. It's been a great year at Cinematical, and we're looking forward to the next one. In the meantime, here's a look back at the past year in Cinematical:


1. March 10, 2005 - Cinematical's first official post! Karina wrote about British censors allowing 9 Songs to be seen uncut in British cinemas.

2. May 5, 2005 - Right-wing bloggers attack George Lucas over supposed "subtext" in an online interview with Steve Silberman for WIRED.

3. May 13, 2005 - Karina posted about David Lynch's kept-tightly-under-wraps project, INLAND EMPIRE, which was announced at Cannes 2005. Lynch said at the time he was so in love with DV, he was giving up film forever. INLAND EMPIRE, which stars Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons and Harry Dean Stanton, and is "mystery, and about a woman in trouble" (which seems to be all anyone knows about the plot, is rumored by IMDb and  to be debuting at Cannes 2006.

4. June 6, 2005 - We really got a comment firestorm going when we posed the poll question: Is Scientology Ruining Tom Cruise's Career? Oh yeah, and Russell Crowe got himself over that nasty little phone throwing incident. He's much better now, thanks.

5. July 27, 2005 - Thirty-one weeks before Crash took home Best Picture, MCN's David Poland speculated on possible nominations. His pick at that time was Munich - he called it "The movie to beat - can only lose to its own problems." Poland also held out hope at that point for both The Producers and Memoirs of a Geisha to have a Best Pic shot. About eventual Best Pic winner Crash, Poland noted, "They'll push hard...uphill fight." And what did Poland have to say about Brokeback Mountain, which ultimately won more awards than you can count on both hands and feet? "Ang Lee's cowboy drama...hmmm."  All of which just goes to show how hard it is for even an experienced film journalist like Poland to make spot-on guesses about Oscar (and all those other awards) in July.

6. 9/13/2005 - Martha got some comments rolling with a post about conservatives being wild about those marching penguins.

7. 2/21/2006 - Our most commented-on post of our first year: those gosh-darn  Brokeback Legos. Our readers just couldn't seem to quit (talking about) them.







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