Thankfully, the Oscars are done for another year. We have some very interesting and astute comments from Cinematical readers on our Oscar posts:

Nobody commented on Tom Hank's really bad hairdo, but plenty of you noticed that he seemed to be saying "f***ing moron" or "f***ing idiot" as he stormed on stage to present the Best Director award. Many of our readers have speculated that his apparent anger was in response to host Jon Stewart's comment about the Brokeback Mountain screenwriters wearing jeans; others thought perhaps he was being rushed. Whatever the cause, people were rather shocked at Mr. Nice Guy Hanks using such language at the Oscars.

Personally, I was more shocked that no one seemed to be making huge deal out of Oscar finally giving a Best Director trophy to someone who isn't a white male.  I was excited about it, but then again, I was also one of the ten or so people rooting for Sofia Coppola to take Best Director in 2004.

There's a decided difference of opinion on whether or not Jon Stewart did a good job hosting the Oscars. I thought he did great; Roger Ebert thinks he can write his own ticket as a network late-night host and that the Oscars are his as long as he wants them; some of our readers, however, beg to disagree.

The Best Original Song winner, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp", has stirred up a raging debate between people who are stunned that a rap song about a pimp would win an Oscar, and people who are celebrating the first ever Oscar for a rap song. I thought Dolly Parton gave a better performance, but that "Pimp" was more deserving of the Oscar. 

As for Best Picture, well, not surprisingly, it's pretty much equally divided between those who are thrilled that Crash won (Roger Ebert will be able to crow about that one to his fellow critics for a long time), and those who were shocked and disappointed that Brokeback Mountain didn't. I'm willing to bet that our own Karina Longworth wasn't thrilled by the results, and the Carpetbagger is probably regretting he didn't stick to his guns with his initial prediction. Some folks are blaming poor Roger for Crash's victory, and hey - they may be right. Have you ever seen a critic go after supporting a film like that?

Nobody seems to care about Munich, Capote or Good Night, and Good Luck - it's all about racism and gay cowboys. And can I just note, for the record, that George Clooney, in addition to now being an Oscar winner and Sexiest Man Alive in 1997, was most definitely the Sexiest Man at the Oscars last night? He finally bought a new tux, and he was looking mighty fine. I'm just saying.