Ah, and here we are at the end of 2005. If there's one thing I'm not looking forward to in the next couple days, it's that obligatory "see ya next year!" guy. You know who I'm talking about, right? You're in the office or out at a bar and its right before New Years Eve. Some guy you know or kinda know or maybe wish you didn't know, comes up to you as you're leaving, pats you on the back, and (with a huge "check out what I'm about to say grin") goes, "Hey man, see ya next year!"

He then searches the eyes of the people you're standing with for some kind of glorious approval - as if that was the coolest thing anyone has ever said. There's this weird kind of awkward "okay, so should we just leave now?" pause, followed by some long drawn out description of the phrase. "See, technically, when I see you next it'll be 2006. So, in theory, when I say "see ya next year, " it's, um, really next year." Get it? I'm cool, right? You people like me now, right?

There's still a few trailers left in 2005, so while you anxiously text-message every one of your friends, searching for those perfect New Years Eve plans (because everyone knows it's the most important night of the year), feel free to stop by Cinematical and check out the last of 2005 on this week's Trailer Park...

Oh, and don't be that guy.


  • One of this year's darlings at the Toronto Fim Festival was Jason Reitman's, Thank You For Smoking. Based on Christopher Buckley's novel, pic gives a satirical spin to the world of cigarette marketing. Based on the trailer, this film looks pretty good. However, all that cigarette talk has me craving more smokes, and I don't know if that's such a good thing.
  • Right off the bat, I don't buy Matthew McConaughey as a 35-year old man who still lives with his parents. Next, I can't see how anyone in their right mind could ever fall head over heals for Sarah Jessica Parker. Okay, maybe L.A. Story Parker, but definitely not post-Sex in the City Parker. Failure To Launch my ass up and out to the theater is not a good thing for a trailer, but what exactly did we expect from the usual mid-winter crapfest?
  • Last person on earth I would ever wanna take a trip in an R.V. with is Robin Williams. Man, I can just imagine the guy running around like a loon with his big, hairy arms swinging about. However, Williams does seem a bit toned down here as the poor father who takes his dysfunctional family on a field trip in a camper. Is that a good thing?
  • Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence provide the voices for a domesticated bear and a lunatic deer in this animated feature about two friends who get lost in the woods during hunting season. Oh, you bet its Open Season on their ass, though the trailer made the film seem worse that I bet it actually is. I'm wondering if you were left with the same mildly sour taste in your mouth as I was? Let me know.
  • Based on the bestselling memoir, Running With Scissors tells of a boy forced to live with a psychiatrist by his mother, thus thrown into a word of filth, feces and pedophiles. Sounds like the perfect date movie if I've ever seen one. Man, Brian Cox is creepy in this one.

So, which trailers are you looking forward to the most come 2006?