There are bad days, there are depressing days and then there are days where the first thing you see when you go to the Hollywood Stock Exhange is that The Smurfs is the IPO of the Day. We first told you about this last month and honestly I just don't think my brain was willing to accept this as fact. I mean, I've got other serious things going on in my life and the idea that someone was making a 3-D animated feature film of the friggin' Smurfs was something I couldn't handle. Unfortunately, now I guess I have to deal with it as fact. Not only is it debuting on the exchange today but at midday it's already up three points on volume of over 44 million shares traded.  

Surreal animated news aside there's also plenty to wonder about in the world of star bonds. Both the bonds for Julie Andrews and Nora Ephron are up by a point and a half each. Did someone greenlight Princess Diaries 3? If so we need to talk because I specificially said I was to be consulted on that decision. And as for Ephron...well, there's no good reason for that. I liked When Harry Met Sally... as much as the next heterosexual man but that was sixteen years ago. In the interim she's written and directed Michael and Lucky Numbers, the combination of which should have, in a just universe, sunk the careers of both her and John Travolta. Read through her resume and tell me it doesn't look like side one from the Luftwaffe's Greatest Hits.

I'm wondering whether the fact that Morgan Freeman is the big mover so far today among actors has more to do with speculation that he'll be great as usual in the upcoming An Unfinished Life or that he narrated this year's sleeper hit March of the Penguins? Considering shares in Life are down by seven-eighths I'm going to go with the latter explanation but just barely. Freeman is one of those guys that's just so consistently good he's probably always a good bet.

Finally, despite looking so strong last Thurdsay, Sony's Beowulf adaptation is shedding a bit of the gains it had posted. It's down three points on what is almost certainly a bit of profit-taking.

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