What the...? I mean... I can't even... How....Who...?

The above sentence (if you can call it that) encapsulates my entire thought process when I saw that shares for The Fantastic Four, the critically lambasted movie that still was credited with saving the box-office (you'll have to excuse me while I spit up some blood), was up six-and-a-half points this afternoon. Umm...err.... Didn't this movie open weeks ago and hasn't it been falling in the box office ever since? If someone could explain the logic of this one to me please do because, as with the continued career of Jimmy Fallon, I don't get it.

Also up significantly is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the movie adaptation of the book that just friggin' came out.  Nothing like planning ahead, since it's up over three points so far today. Down is Dukes of Hazarrd, which I'm choosing to see as righting some of the wrong in the universe.

Today's big gainer among actors is Vince "You're money, baby" Vaughn, who's up two points this afternoon. I noticed on his star bond listing an entry for Old School 2. If this is accurate and they're making a sequel to this I may just wet myself in excitment since I thought the original was one of the funniest movies I had seen in a loooong time. I don't remember hearing anything official on this but let's keep our fingers crossed.

Johnny Depp and Elijah Wood are tied at gains of one-and-a-half dollars a piece while hack director Roland Emmerich is down that same amount.

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