House of the dead 2Have you seen the first House of the Dead? The big screen adaption of the popular video game which turned out to be one of the worst movies ever created (check the imdb bottom 100 of all time). Even though the first film didn't make it's modest budget back, they've decided to greenlight a sequel... but why? Well, cast and crew from House of the Dead 2 held a panel at Comic-Con to explain. In attendance were writer/producer Mark Altman, director Mike Hurst, director of photography Raymond Stella (Escape from New York), actors Ed Quinn (Starship Troopers 2), Emanuelle Vaugier (Wishmaster 3), Ellie Cornell, and Cam Powell.

And they did the only thing they could do... admit that the first film was horribly bad, and tried everything they could to distance this film from its predecessor. Altman stated that the intent of the panel was to get the crowd excited to see House of the Dead 2, adding "as hard as that will be." The small room was only filled a third to capacity. Altman and actress Cornell are the only one of two survivors to make it to the second film. Altman pointed out that Hurst was a flesh and blood human and not, as some people had feared, Uwe Boll (the director of the first film) under a pseudonym. "Uwe Boll has nothing to do with this film!" The audience applauded.

They showed the trailer for the film, which IGN says made it look like a cross between "the Dawn of the Dead remake, Aliens, and, oddly, Porky's." Three clips were shown, including one with Sticky Fingaz, who plays the big hero role. But they pull a big fake out out by killing him right away. They show him transform into a zombie while "on the move," which is something never done before. Other clips showed what IGN called "standard genre fare".

If you care enough, you can read the full report at IGN by clicking the link below.
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