• FaChairman of Marvel Studios, Avi Arad tells the LA Times that the $56 million dollar opening weekend of the Fantastic Four guarantees a sequel: "Of course, there will be a sequel," he said. "Now the constituency is much larger."
  • Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 composer Danny Elfman says he won't be back for the third film.
  • Thomas Jane, star of 2004's comic-inspired The Punisher, told SCI FI Wire that he's been working out to prepare for the sequel, which begins filming sometime before the end of the year. "I've already put on 12 pounds of muscle. They want to start going before the end of the year. Ideally I'd like to see the film come out in the fall of 2006, but I don't have any control over that."
  • Jerry O'Connell has stepped in to train his girlfriend Rebecca Romijn for X-Men 3.
  • Hurricane Entertainment has announced that four-time Academy Award winner Ben Burtt has been attached to direct the live-action feature film adaptation of their flagship comic book property, Chassis.
  • In the August edition of EMPIRE film magazine, director Tim Story hints at a Fantastic sequel: "I hope that we can come back for the second one, because from frame one we can go beserk," laughs Story. "There's no concrete answers yet, but we are thinking a lot about what would happen in number two. One thing that's for certain is that you do get to see Reed and Sue get married, which would be incredible."
  • Batman Begins collected $10.2 million in its fourth weekend for a total of $172.1 million so far.
  • Comic Book junkies will want to bookmark this site, which has an extensive database of comic book characters from every generation.
  • And today's moment of zen - the incredible jumping Matrix cats.
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