I'm sorry, but Ice Nine sounds like something Sydney Bristow would have to recover from Bulgaria on Alias. In actuality, it's what all the characters in Cat's Cradle, the Darren Aronofsky-helmed adaptation of the Kurt Vonnegut novel, are trying to get their hands on. The reason I bring it up is that stocks for Cradle are up almost four points at midday. I'm wondering if this isn't a junk bond, though, since the title doesn't even show up in the IMDB and there's not an entry on anything like this on Aronofsky's page. Any trading on this should be done with extreme caution. The stock's been active for over two years and there's no movie? Doesn't inspire confidence.

Despite getting fair-to-middlin' reviews and doing what has been seen, despite studio declarations, as only so-so box-office, shares of War of the Worlds are up about 4.5 points on volume of over 98,000,000 shares traded. Perhaps there's speculation the movie will fair pretty well its second weekend and not take the nose-dive some summer releases do. Then again, there may be some people just jumping back on this hoping to ride a bounce and get out before it starts falling again.

I had no idea who Cherry Jones (whose bond is down 1.5 points, which is why it caught my attention) but my initial thought was that her name sounded like a porn star. So I cruised (in a different way then that word is used in connection with Katie Holmes) over to her IMDB page and realized she had been in a couple movies I had seen such as The Village and Housesitter and can place her vaguely. Her HSX picture looks completely different from how she appears in The Village, though, which caused some confusion. 

Editor Karina suggests Jones' slide might be in reponse to her appearance last month at the Tony's. When called on stage to accept her award for Best Actress In A Play, for Doubt, Jones got a congratualtory kiss on camera from girlfriend Sarah Paulson. Paulson and Jones have apparently been dating for a few years. Could PDA, albeit same-sex PDA, cause a dip in bond prices? Worth considering.

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