I ask again: Who is Willam Fichtner? And (and here's the real reason I'm asking) what has he done that he's among the biggest movies on the HSX today? I vaguely recognized his face, but it wasn't until I started poking around his IMDB filmography that I figured out he was the shuttle captain in Armageddon. He also played the blind friend of Jodie Foster in Contact. So - and I'm just going to ask this one more time - why is his bond up three points on trading of over 4.5 million shares? He's in a couple decent movies now, Crash and Chumscrubber but on the other side of the ledger he's also in The Longest Yard. This one is going to bug me.

Garry Marshall really needs to have his HSX biography updated. It still lists The Princess Diaries as one of his upcoming movies. That was almost four years ago. Anyway, he's down one and a half points at midday - which may have something to do with expectations for Chicken Little - but shares of the upcoming Disney flick are unchanged. More likely it's just the fact that Marshall directed The Other Sister. Wait...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I noticed today's IPO of the Day is Napster: Downloaded. Since this is listed as still being in development there isn't too much information available. Two things struck me as funny enough to note, though: 1) The front-page blurb reads jokes that Metallica will not play the role of Darth Vader in this flick on the Napster and founder Shawn Manning, and 2) It says it's written by Bill himself, Alex Winter.  That's good stuff.

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